Our highly motivated production team cares about a precisely aligned mixture. In order to be able to present a constantly reproducible product quality for our animal food premixes we work with smooth, highly precise mixers.

Our batch mixer produces highly accurate mix results which are checked twice a year by external institutes.

The convective mixing effect is reached by 3 factors:

  • axial mixing motion due to the screws
  • radial mixing motion due to the conical shape
  • tangential mixing motion due to the mixing arm

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New bagging line from 5 kg up to Big Bags

Thanks to our new bagging station we are able to offer a wide variety of individual bagging units:

  • from 5 kg up to Big Bags
  • plastic bags or paper sacks
  • sewed or sealed

So we are able to produce even more hygienic and effective.

The use of a foreign object detector to identify foreign material completes the production process on the highest possible quality level.

The maximized, computer-aided traceability by a system-supported controlling guarantees the best possible product quality.

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Our offer for you:

  • increased product safety due to a closed production process
  • guaranteed quality due to system-supported weighing system
  • optimized product safety due to foreign object detector
  • low-dust bagging, no product spreading
  • short-notice delivery thanks to fast turnaround times
  • flexible bagging units in paper and PE bags from 5 kg up to Big Bags
  • maximized traceability of the finished products due to system-supported controlling

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